LSWS does not restart after adding domain from WHM/cPanel

1. Make sure LSWS has correct settings


Admin Console => Configuration => Server => General => Using Apache Configuration File

Load Apache Configuration: Yes

Auto Reload On Changes: Use Apache Binary wrapper


2. Make sure httpd is enabled in WHM/cPanel Service Manager


WHM/cPanel => Service Configuration => Service Manager

Enabled   Monitor    Service Information


checked   checked    httpd Web Server

3. Check if /etc/disable_apache or /etc/disable_httpd exists, if so, Apache service is disabled and cPanel will not restart Apache when change.


4. Check if /usr/local/lsws/logs/ap_cmd_param.log record an entry of restart as follows:

Thu Aug  2 15:06:17 EDT 2012: -k stop -DSSL

Thu Aug  2 15:06:21 EDT 2012: -k start -DSSL


if no restart is logged, it means WHM/cPanel does not send restart signal to LSWS.


5. Check if /usr/local/cpanel/logs/safeapacherestart_log does record every safeapacherestart when whm made change.

[2012-08-02 18:04:20 +0000] info [safeapacherestart] Restart elapsed seconds: 0


6. Check /usr/local/apache/logs/queueprocd.log record the Apache restart


7. Check if httpd can be restart from WHM restart services

WHM/cPanel => Restart Services => HTTP Server (Apache) => Yes


if the follow message pops up:


"Apache build currently in progress. Restarts disabled by existence of /var/cpanel/mgmt_queue/apache_update_no_restart. Restarting Apache now may result in a broken Apache build"


Go to step 7.


8. Check if EasyApache is still running which would prevent Apache from restart


ps -ef | grep easyapache


a. if EA is still running, wait until it finishes. Check the latest log file in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/easy/apache/ for progress


b. if EA process is not running, check if /usr/local/apache/AN_EASYAPACHE_BUILD_IS_CURRENTLY_RUNNING still exists




if the file is present, remove the file.

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