How to never miss a payment.

1. PayPal Subscriptions

PayPal subscriptions will be automatically sent by PayPal each month. These are good for customers that are not constantly purchasing/canceling licenses. 
Learn how to set up a PayPal subscription here: 
NOTE: To cancel/change a PayPal subscription, it must be done on the PayPal site. 

2. Save a credit card on file / set up automatic credit card payments.

Another way to never miss a payment is to set up automatic credit card payments. 
Learn more here:

3. Adding Additional Billing Contacts / Email Notifications for Overdue Payments

Both PayPal subscriptions and credit card payments may fail due to various reasons. You can set up additional billing contacts to ensure that you get notified on time to avoid your server going down.

4. Extend Expiration Date

If you are experiencing problems paying your invoice on time, please open a ticket with us. We can extend your expiration date so your license remains active while you are taking care of your payment issues. Please note, however, that a late fee will be added to your invoice. (The late fee is 5% of the invoice amount with a minimum charge of $2.) Also, you will still receive a license suspension notice from our system. This notice is generated automatically, but your service will not be interrupted.

This expiration will only be updated when LSWS communicates with our server, something that happens at least every 24 hours. If you want to make it effective immediately, please use /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -V to have your software communicate with our license server.

5. Add Credit to Your Credit Balance 

If you add funds to your credit balance, they will be automatically applied to your invoices. 
Learn how to add credit here:

6. Leased Monthly vs. Leased Annually vs. Owned Licenses

Another option to consider to not miss a payment is to purchase a license that does not require payments as frequently. Purchasing a leased monthly license means a payment is due once a month, but if you decide to switch to annual payments, you only have to worry about a payment once a year. Another choice is owned licenses. With an owned license you only have to pay once (unless you opt to purchase the yearly add ons). 

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