LiteSpeed Web Server v6.0RC2 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v6.0RC2In this release: improvements to HTTP/3 support, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] ModSecurity scan response body support.[New Feature] HTTP/3 draft 31 support.[Major Improvement] Improve HTTP/3 throughput with DPLPMTUD, Adaptive congestion control, and zero-copy packetization.[Major Improvement] ModSecurity ... Read More »

16th Oct 2020
LSCache for Joomla v1.3.2 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for Joomla v1.3.2In this release: advanced ESI modules, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] Added advanced ESI module feature and GUI option. Advanced ESI module output will be processed by Joomla plugins as with normal Joomla modules[New Feature] Added ESI Always Enabled GUI option (for customized ESI blocks) and ... Read More »

9th Oct 2020
LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.10 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.10In this release: new features, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] Add ForceSecureCookie configuration directive to enforce "secure" and "SameSite" cookie attributes. This directive can be set in an Apache config file at the server or vhost level, or in the document root directory's .htaccess ... Read More »

8th Oct 2020
LSCache for OpenCart v2.1.0 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for OpenCart v2.1.0In this release: better stability with the Journal theme, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:v2.0.0 (09-03-2020)[New Feature] Add 'Separate Cache for Safari browser' feature and GUI option.[Update] Log device browser user_agent info in the fist line of page output.[Tuning] Change default settings for Journal ... Read More »

16th Sep 2020
LSCache for WordPress v3.4.2 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v3.4.2In this release: improvements to ESI, and more!RELEASE LOG:* **CCSS** Corrected the issue that wrongly appended non-CSS files to CSS in links before sending request.* **3rd** YITH wishlist now sends a combined single sub request for all widgets contained in one page. (LSWS v5.4.9 build 3+ required)* **ESI** ... Read More »

8th Sep 2020
LSCache for WordPress v3.4.1 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v3.4.1In this release: enhancements to page optimization, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:🐞[CCSS] Fixed an issue where dynamically generated CSS failed with `TypeError: Cannot read property type of undefined`.🐞[Page Optimize] Fixed CSS optimization compatibility for CSS dynamically generated with PHP.[Page ... Read More »

2nd Sep 2020
PHP LSAPI v7.8, Ruby LSAPI v5.1, and Python LSAPI v1.7 Now Available

Announcing:PHP LSAPI v7.8Ruby LSAPI v5.1Python LSAPI v1.7 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Make single worker non-prefork mode work properly. (RUBY LSAPI ONLY)[Bug Fix] Correct inaccurate children process tracking.[Tuning] Update log message with more information when possible: Timestamp, UID, PID, ... Read More »

1st Sep 2020
LSCache for WordPress v3.4 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v3.4In this release: improved handling of LQIP errors, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:🌱LQIP New setting LQIP Excludes.🌱LQIP Added a Clear LQIP Queue button.🌱CCSS Added a Clear CCSS Queue button.CCSS Fixed an issue which wrongly included preloaded images in CCSS. (@pixtweaks)Network Primary site and ... Read More »

26th Aug 2020
LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.9 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.9In this release: WHM plugin 4.1 update, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] WHM plugin 4.1 with Let's Encrypt ECC certificate support. integration with SSL certificates synchronization.[New Feature] Automatic CloudFlare CDN IP detection.[New Feature] Support for bcrypt password hash for HTTP ... Read More »

21st Aug 2020
LSCache for WordPress v3.3.1 Now Available

Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v3.3.1 In this release: a setting to remove noscript tags, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: 🌱[Page Optimize] New option to Remove Noscript Tags. (@phuc88bmt) 🐞[LQIP] Fixed a critical bug that bypassed all requests in v3.3. [LQIP] Requests are now bypassed if domain has no credit left. [Page Optimize] ... Read More »

12th Aug 2020