Web ADC ZeroConf Plugin v0.7.4 for WHM Now Available

Web ADC ZeroConf Plugin for WHM v0.7.4

[REFACTOR] Remove dependency on Scalar::Util::Numeric



18th Jan 2022
LiteSpeed Plugins v2.1.3.2 for cPanel and v4.1.6.2 for WHM Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Plugin for cPanel v2.1.3.2 and LiteSpeed Plugin for WHM v4.1.6.2cPanel RELEASE LOG:[Improvement] Better conf file handling during installation.WHM RELEASE LOG:v4.1.6.1------------------------[Update] Upgrade cPanel plugin to v2.1.3.2.[Improvement] Re-enforce user-end cPanel Plugin conf file permissionsmore often.[Improvement] ... Read More »

17th Jan 2022
lsquic v3.0.4 Now Available

Announcing:lsquic v3.0.4This release consists of bug fixes and more.RELEASE LOG:- Fix overly strict assert()- Do not reset path MTU due to three lost_mtu_probe- Fix handshake failure due to too many realy data- Better build support for Windows platform- Update ls-qpack to 2.2.3https://github.com/litespeedtech/lsquic/blob/master/CHANGELOGCheers! Read More »

11th Jan 2022
LSCache v4.4.7 for WordPress Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v4.4.7RELEASE LOG:- [Page Optimize] Dropped `Inline Lazy Load Images Library` option. Now will always inline lazyload library. (Ankit)- [3rd] Prevented JavaScript files from being appended to Rank Math SEO sitemap.- [Purge] Dropped default stale purge when purging a post.- [Cloud] Dropped unused API calls.- [Cloud] ... Read More »

11th Jan 2022
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