LSCache v5.4 for WordPress Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v5.4In this release: behind-the-scenes improvements to Image Optimization, and more!RELEASE LOG:- [Image Optimize] Refactored DB storage for this feature.- [Image Optimize] Reduced DB table size.- [Image Optimize] Existing `img_optm` DB tables will have their data gradually transitioned to the new storage format ... Read More »

19th Apr 2023
LiteSpeed Plugin v1.4.14 for Plesk Now Available

LiteSpeed Plugin for Plesk v1.4.14

[Improvement] Improve WordPress scan logic behavior.


18th Apr 2023
LiteSpeed Web Server v6.1.1 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v6.1.1In this release: new options for SSL and blocked URLs, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] Add SSL strict SNI mode option to fail SSL connections when there is no vhost level SSL certificate.[New Feature] Add a vhost level AllowBlockedUrl option to allow blocked URL passthrough.[Improvement] Add ... Read More »

12th Apr 2023
LiteSpeed Ingress Controller v0.2.4 for Web ADC Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Ingress Controller for Web ADC v0.2.4This release consists of bug fixes.RELEASE LOG:- [BugFix] Fix a memory violation when data is taken from cache and the server is quite busy.- [BugFix] Fix a memory leak processing SSL data.- [BugFix] Fix a small bug in handling multiple headers with the same ... Read More »

7th Apr 2023
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