Web ADC ZeroConf Plugin v0.7.8 for WHM Now Available

Web ADC ZeroConf Plugin for WHM v0.7.8

This release consists of bug fixes.

[BUGFIX] Try to apply config changes to all ADCs even if one fails



12th Jul 2023
LiteSpeed Ingress Controller v0.2.5 for Web ADC Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Ingress Controller for Web ADC v0.2.5This release consists of bug fixes and more.RELEASE LOG:- [BugFix] Fixed bugs which kept --default-tls-secret from working correctly.- [BugFix] Verify ZeroConf worker is not busy before it is deleted.- [BugFix] Fixed bugs keeping wildcard domain names from being recognized.- [Feature] 3.1 ... Read More »

26th Jun 2023
LiteSpeed Plugin v2.3 for DirectAdmin Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Plugin for DirectAdmin v2.3RELEASE LOG:[Update] Add new "Set your web server to LiteSpeed" landing page.[Improvement] Update cache manager scan logic.[Improvement] Add new non click-able states to "WebAdmin Console" and "Restart LiteSpeed" buttons.[Improvement] Support custom Shared Code Library update failure ... Read More »

20th Jun 2023
LSCache v5.5 for WordPress Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v5.5In this release: crawler improvements, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:* 🌱**Crawler** Can now use multiple sitemaps. (Tobolo/Tim Nolte)* 🌱**Crawler** Now runs asynchronously when manually invoked.* 🌱**Crawler** Now runs asynchronously when invoked from cron.* 🐞**Crawler** Fixed the realtime status ... Read More »

20th Jun 2023
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