SSH Login for cPanel Ticket System

We will connect from IP

You will need to add the public key for our support server. We've provided a script that will add it to your server. Simply log in as root and run the following:

bash <(curl -s )

To remove the key later, re-run the script.

If you would prefer to add our DSA public key manually, here it is (please remove any line breaks before adding):

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDcIwEzYeg88iqXFFsgp6z2NqxlgO2RP5dmtFOsJCrf6JTfMm5hDL/BYXNXSA0fhx1hFBkA6TPe9dxwb/8yN7H66pB2I/rSwY5eczthrrSZrZkOHndksmJNsGYYAWDMv01anvkFfp7pkQL2cB9TL5G6WKOYTQ+XA1u4TNaAeh+4b+OwNFXkxzpWNtmEtz1hqpciQSnzIXfBrfYJkomiNZvBGy6ZFsOyxXCi5XJTOIaaWrxmV/38wM/FvbyQW603HuJyvJjoLJECrHuZjX4UKY89b7HCeYTMVS1v8CFQkPSN8MvTgOyYFPiv/4yOO/A8dHgwamDGGNrj4qf7jpYPzSNZ globalsupport

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