Adding Additional Billing Contacts/ Overdue Payments Email Notifications

To avoid missing notifications about the status of your invoice, please make sure you have the appropriate email addresses tied to your account. 

1. To update your email address, please go to your client area and click the green "Update" button on the left. Then type your preffered email address in the "Email Address" box and save. We do not accept free email addresses (ex: gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.). 

2. Both PayPal subscriptions and credit card payments may fail due to various reasons. You can set up additional billing contacts to ensure that you get notified on time to avoid your server going down.

If you would like to get account notifications sent to multiple email addresses, you can add additional billing contacts to your account. To add contacts, go to “Billing” -> “Manage Credit Card” -> “Contacts/Sub-Accounts”, fill out the information and save changes. Free email addresses (such as @gmail, @yahoo, etc.)  are accepted as additional billing contacts. Make sure to add frequently checked email addresses to your account so you don’t miss any potential overdue payment reminders. You will receive your first overdue payment notice on the 2nd of each month.  After that, you will receive two more overdue notices before the license gets suspended on the 8th. 


3. Add your most used email address (and any others deemed appropriate) to LiteSpeed Web Servers Admin emails field. This will ensure that you get notifications from your server on approaching license expiration dates (the email alert feature will only work if the server has an active MX server such as postfix, exim, or sendmail).

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