How do I cancel a license on my invoice but renew the rest of the licenses on it?

Please send in a cancellation request for the license you don't wish to renew. 

Once you cancel the license it will be removed from your pending invoices. 

To cancel a license, log into your account and go to Services->My Services (On the gray bar by the top of the page) then click on the license you wish to cancel. You can choose to either cancel immediately or cancel at the end of the billing period, then click the Request Cancellation button.

If you have a PayPal subscription, please note that YOU HAVE TO GO TO PAYPAL TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION, otherwise PayPal will continue sending the same payments. We have no control over PayPal subscriptions. They are controlled entirely by PayPal. If you still have licenses you can create a new subscription for the new amount due. 



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