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PayPal Subscriptions

If you are not purchasing new licenses or cancelling licenses often, you can set up a PayPal subscription to automate your payment.

After your next invoice is generated, go to “Client Area” -> “My Invoices” -> “View Invoice”. The invoice will have a button to set up a PayPal subscription. This must be done after the invoice is generated but before the due date (a 20-day window for licenses billed yearly/a 4-day window for licenses billed monthly) and will be treated as an automatic payment/renewal from then on.

If the invoice’s due date passes, you can still pay with PayPal, but you will not be able to set up a subscription until the following pay period. This is because PayPal sends subscription payments on the same day each month/year, so if you set up a subscription on a date later than your invoice's due date, all future payments will not be delivered on time. 

If you do choose to use this method, please remember to also cancel your PayPal subscription if/when you choose to cancel your license, or else funds will continue to be withdrawn.

If you add new licenses or upgrade/downgrade licenses often, meaning your invoice amount changes often, a PayPal subscription is not a convenient payment method. PayPal handles subscriptions, not us, so for every new license or license upgrade/downgrade, you must go to PayPal’s site, cancel the old subscription and create a new one if there is any amount mismatch.  

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