Switch Apache to LiteSpeed, Cpanel(WHM) setup

Installation steps for cPanel can be found in our doc.


- LiteSpeed is an Apache drop-in replacement designed for ease of installation and use, so the downtime during your transition from Apache to LiteSpeed should be minimal, if you experience any at all.

- The cost of a LiteSpeed Web Server license depends upon your need and your hardware. We offer guides to help you choose a license and to help you choose the correct LiteMage tier. We recommend you try the free 15-day trial license first (it is a Web Host Professional license with the LiteMage Unlimited Magento caching enabled). Please note that you can upgrade/downgrade your leased license at any time (you cannot upgrade/downgrade Free Starter licenses).

- We offer support though our support forums and through our email ticketing system.

- We offer both monthly and yearly rates for licenses. You can see more information about these prices from your cart in our store where you can adjust the billing time period.

- We offer a one-time setup service for LiteSpeed Web Server ($150.00 USD) and LiteMage Cache (starting at: $299.00 USD and increasing depending upon the size and complexity of your site).

- Based on the price of both setup services and the license, you may wish to purchase our LiteMage Full Service Package instead, which is $2,500.00 a year and includes the setup services, a Web Host Professional license, LiteMage Unlimited, and one year of ongoing support.

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