Performing a manual upgrade

You can follow the following steps to update your LSWS installation manually, it will not overwrite your existing configuration.

  • Log in as root.
  • Download the LSWS package with wget or curl, if you are instructed to get a version not published under the download page, you can change the version number in the URL to get it.
  • Expand the LSWS package under the current directory with the following command.
    • tar xvfz lsws-x.x.x-ent-i386-linux.tar.gz
  • cd lsws-x.x.x
  • ./
  • Type "Yes" to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • If you install LSWS to /opt/lsws or /usr/local/lsws, the installer will detect it automatically, otherwise, you need specify the directory that LSWS installed to.
  • If previous installations of LSWS are detected, the installer will default to "upgrade" mode, so just hit "Enter".
  • After that you can hit "Enter" all the way to the end to finish the upgrade.
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