How do I transfer/release my license?

If you want to use a new server, you must migrate the license. If you don't, it will remain linked to your old IP and not be allowed to be used on a new one until it is migrated. 

If you aren't able to activate your license, and are seeing the error 'Max number reached' (but you haven't actually reached the max number of servers your license can be on.) you may need to release your license. 

If you still have access to your old server and want to transfer to a new server:
1. Use the migrate command:

sudo /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -m

then you can register on your new server. This gives you a 3-day overlapping period.

2. If 3 days is not enough time, you can apply a trial first on your new server. If the new server has used the trial before, you can contact us to reset the trial for that IP.

If you no longer have access to your old server, or you don't need to run it on your old server:
1. You can release the license from your client area by clicking on

Services->My Services->View Details->Release License

Then register it on your new server (with the correct file in the conf directory.)

More information on our doc.

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