How do I manually restore the license key for an expired license?

If you forget to pay your monthly license fee on time the local license key will expire and LSWS will stop working (usually 7 days past your due date). Then, when you pay the invoice, the license's expiration date will be updated in our license system immediately. However, you still need to manually restore the expired local license key.

You need to do the following: SSH in to the server. assuming LSWS was installed to /usr/local/lsws

cd /usr/local/lsws

If conf/license.key.bad exists, enter this command:

mv conf/license.key.bad conf/license.key

If not, try

bin/lshttpd -r

to grab a key from server. Once you have conf/license.key, enter this command

bin/lshttpd -V
bin/lswsctrl start

If the above does not work for you, you need to release the license key and register a new one.

Go to our site and log in to the Client Area and click Services->My Services->View Details->Release License

Then enter this command
bin/lshttpd -r

This should give you the up-to-date license key.
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