LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v2.9.8In this release: a work-around for the WP 5.2.1 JQuery issue, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:Core: Refactored loading priority so user related functions & optimization features are set after user initialization. (#717223 #114165 #413338) Media: Improved backup file calculation query to prevent ... Read More »

23rd May 2019
LiteSpeed Web Server v5.3.8 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v5.3.8In this release: new broadcast notification feature, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[Security] Added built-in filter to block attempts at hacking LiteMage with crafted ESI requests.[New Feature] lscmctl script can now be used to install/uninstall the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager user-end plugin for cPanel. ... Read More »

21st May 2019
LSCache for XenForo 2 v2.2.0 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for XenForo 2 v2.2.0In this release: improved login state detection, and more!RELEASE LOG:[Improvement] Improved login state detection to prevent forum members who sign in with "Stay logged in" unchecked from being served by cache. (Rewrite rule update required)[Improvement] No longer cache "install" pages. (Rewrite rule update ... Read More »

21st May 2019
LiteMage for Magento v1.3.12 Now Available

Announcing: LiteMage for Magento v1.3.12In this release: custom varies, and more!RELEASE LOG:LiteMage 1.3.12 release[new feature] Allow adding custom vary with custom code.[new feature] Allow using Mobile_Detect class for separate mobile view.! Read More »

9th May 2019
LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2 Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2In this release: improvements to compatibiliy, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:Conf: Enhanced compatibility when an option is not properly initialized.Conf: Prevent non-array instance in widget from causing 500 error. (#210407)CCSS: Increase CCSS generation timeout to 60s.Media: Renamed lazyload CSS class ... Read More »

2nd May 2019