LSCache for WordPress v2.8 is now available.

In this release: ESI shortcodes, cookie simulation in crawler, bug fixes, and more!

[NEW]: ESI shortcodes.
[NEW]: Mobile crawler.
[NEW]: Cookie crawler.
API: Can now add _litespeed_rm_qs=0 to bypass Remove Query Strings.
Optm: Removed error log when minify JS failed.
[BUGFIX] Core: Fixed a bug that caused network activation PHP warning.
Media: Removed canvas checking for WebP to support TOR. (@odeskumair)
Media: Eliminated potential image placeholder PHP warning.
3rd: Bypassed Google recaptcha from Remove Query Strings for better compatibility.
IAPI: Showed destroy timeout details.
Debug: Moved Google Fonts log to advanced level.
GUI: Replaced all Learn More links for functions.
GUI: Cosmetic updates including Emoji.
[BUGFIX]: Removed duplicated data in sitemap and blacklist.


Friday, November 30, 2018

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