LSCache for WordPress v2.7.1 is now available.

In this release: improvements to custom default config options, bug fixes, and more!

[NEW] CLI: Ability to set CDN mapping by set_option litespeed-cache-cdn_mapping[url][0] https://url.
[NEW] CDN: Ability to customize default CDN mapping data in default.ini.
[NEW] API: Default.ini now supports both text-area items and on/off options.
Vary: Refactored Vary and related API.
Vary: New hook to manipulate vary cookies value.
Core: Activation now can generate Object Cache file.
Core: Unified Object Cache/rewrite rules generation process across activation/import/reset/CLI.
Core: Always hook activation to make activation available through the front end.
[BUG] IAPI: Fixed a bug where environment report gave incorrect image optimization data.
[BUG] OLS: Fixed a bug where login cookie kept showing a warning on OpenLiteSpeed.
[BUG] Core: Fixed a bug where Import/Activation/CLI was missing CDN mapping settings.
API: Filters "litespeed_cache_media_lazy_img_excludes"/"litespeed_optm_js_defer_exc" passed-in parameter is changed from string to array.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

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