LiteSpeed Ingress Controller for Web ADC v0.1.25

In this release: Prometheus metrics exporter, bug fixes, and more!

- [Feature] There is now a built-in Prometheus metrics exporter. Must be enabled by the Ingress Controller argument `enable-metrics` to be activated. Prometheus can be installed on the service pod as well using the argument `install-prometheus`.
- [Feature] Ingress Controller argument `--run-before-lb='commands'` can specify any number of commands that will be run before the load balancer starts.
- [Feature] New Ingress Controller argument `config-service-port` can be used to expose the config port without the use of helm configuration.
- [Bug Fix] Licensing documented and functions correctly.
- [Bug Fix] Correctly apply secrets even for secrets missing a name.
- [Bug Fix] Correctly apply command line `lslb-config-map-prefix`


Friday, June 17, 2022

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