Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v3.3.1 In this release: a setting to remove noscript tags, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: 🌱[Page Optimize] New option to Remove Noscript Tags. (@phuc88bmt) 🐞[LQIP] Fixed a critical bug that bypassed all requests in v3.3. [LQIP] Requests are now bypassed if domain has no credit left. [Page Optimize] Inline defer will be bypassed if document listener is detected in the code. (@ssurfer) [CCSS] Print-only styles will no longer be included in Critical CSS. [API] Added hooks to Purge action to handle file deletions. (@biati) [Cloud] Plain permalinks are no longer required for use of cloud services. [Data] Added an access denial to work with OpenLiteSpeed. (@spenweb #PR228) [GUI] Spelling and grammar adjustments. (@blastoise186 #PR253) Cheers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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