LiteMage v2.2.1 for Magento Now Available

Announcing:LiteMage for Magento v2.2.1In this release: Fixed compatibility with third party inventory management.RELEASE LOG:[BUGFIX] Fixed two undefined variable warnings introduced in v2.2.[BUGFIX] Fixed a problem where the newly added option in v2.2 for *Purge Products after a Sale* broke Magento when the Magento_Inventory module was replaced ... Read More »

28th Jul 2023
LiteMage v2.2 for Magento Now Available

Announcing:LiteMage for Magento v2.2In this release: New features to give you more fine-grained control over LiteMage Cache, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New] Added support for private ESI blocks.[New] Added a new Purge Tuning section in LiteMage config.Allow fine tuning to reduce purge tags when reindexing.Added option to allow purge products ... Read More »

21st Jul 2023
LSCache v5.5.1 for WordPress Now Available

Announcing:LSCache for WordPress v5.5.1This release consists of bug fixes and more.RELEASE LOG:* BUGFIX [Image Optimization] Fixed a bug where WebP replacements couldn't be pulled without optimizing the original images.* BUGFIX [Image Optimization] Invalid images will now be removed when sending requests to the server. (#138993)* [Cloud] Added ... Read More »

19th Jul 2023
LiteSpeed Plugin v1.4.16 for Plesk Now Available

LiteSpeed Plugin for Plesk v1.4.16

[Improvement] Improve reliability of virtual host cache root detection.
[Improvement] Misc code improvements.


19th Jul 2023
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