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Ticket Submission Guidelines
Please make your message as detailed as possible when submitting a ticket; the better the information you provide the faster we will be able to resolve your issue.

  • Because we quickly push different builds of the same version to fix bugs, it’s possible you may be running an out-of-date binary. Upgrade to the latest build via the lsup command and submit a bug report only if the error persists.
  • Include any error messages that occur on-screen or are found in error_log, stderr.log, system log.
  • Explain step-by-step how to reproduce the scenario or problem you are describing.
  • If there is a URL associated with the problem, please share it and provide as many other details as you can.
  • If you think a screenshot would help, please include one.
  • State when the problem started and list any changes that were made immediately beforehand.
  • Provide login details whenever possible, as we often find that having access to the installation leads to a faster resolution time.