My Server/site is down. Could you help?

We are sorry to hear about your situation. To better assist you, we first need your responses to the questions below in order for us to identify and diagnose the issue for you:

1. **How is the server managed?** Is it a VPS server you manage yourself? Or a shared hosting server with your website on it? If it is a shared hosting server, you may need to contact your hosting company.
2. **What do you mean by "server down"?** Have you logged into the server to check the web server processes? You can run something like `ps -ef | grep litespeed`. If the `litespeed` process is running, it means LiteSpeed Web Server is running okay.
3. **Do you actually mean that a site or sites are down, and not the actual web server?** If so, how many domains are impacted? Just one, multiple, or all domains? If only one domain is currently inaccessible, there could be many causes. Are you seeing a 503, 403, 500, or 404 error? In any case, you should check your error log to find more details. In general, troubleshooting these errors is out of our support scope, but you can engage us for professional troubleshooting through paid support, if necessary.
4. **Are you running a control panel?** If so, which one? Try switching between Apache and LSWS. Does the same issue occur with Apache? If Apache is running well, but the error occurs with LSWS, let us know about that.
5. **Did you make any changes before this error happened?** If so, our recommendation is always to revert back to your previous settings. Let us know which change you made that caused the error.
6. **Which URL is good for testing?** We'll need to know what URL we can visit for testing while we are helping you.

Please provide as much of the above information as possible.

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