LiteSpeed Web ADC v2.7 Now Available

LiteSpeed Web ADC v2.7

[New Feature] Made mod_security engine fully asynchronous.
[New Feature] Added support for transparent proxies.
[Update] Updated HTTP/3 support to h3-27.


31st Mar 2020
LSCache for XenForo 2 v2.2.2 Now Available

LSCache for XenForo 2 v2.2.2

This release consists of bug fixes

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue when attempting to change style or language as a guest on a cached page.


18th Mar 2020
LiteSpeed Plugin for Plesk v1.4 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Plugin for Plesk v1.4This release consists of bug fixesRELEASE LOG:[New Feature] Added "Additional Setup" section to "Install LiteSpeed Webserver" page to help with initial setup.[Improvement] Automated "stop nginx reverse proxy service" requirement when switching from Apache to LiteSpeed Web Server.[Improvement] Improved ... Read More »

16th Mar 2020
LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.6 Now Available

Announcing:LiteSpeed Web Server v5.4.6In this release: support for HTTP/3 h3-27, bug fixes, and more!RELEASE LOG:[New Feature] Updated HTTP/3 support to include h3-27.[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug that caused ProxyPass ws:// target to stop working for certain configuration combination.[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in HTTP/2 handling mismatched response ... Read More »

12th Mar 2020