LSCache for WordPress v2.6 is now available.

In this release: improvements to the API and cache vary handling, bug fixes, and more!

Vary: Moved litespeed_cache_api_vary hook outside of OLS condition for .htaccess generation.
CDN: Trim spaces in original URL of CDN setting.
API: New filter litespeed_option_ to change all options dynamically.
API: New LiteSpeed_Cache_API::force_option() to change all options dynamically.
API: New LiteSpeed_Cache_API::vary() to set default vary directly for easier compaitiblity with WPML WooCommerce Multilingual.
API: New LiteSpeed_Cache_API::nonce() to safely and easily allow caching of wp-nonce.
API: New LiteSpeed_Cache_API::hook_vary_add() to add new vary.
Optm: Changed HTML/JS/CSS optimization options assignment position from constructor to finalize().
Doc: Added nonce to FAQ and mentioned nonce in 3rd Party Compatibility section.
GUI: Moved inline minify to under html minify due to the dependency.
3rd: Cached Aelia CurrencySwitcher by default.
šŸž: Fixed issue where enabling remote JQuery caused missing jquery-migrate library error.


Monday, September 24, 2018

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