LSCache for WordPress v3.4

In this release: improved handling of LQIP errors, bug fixes, and more!

🌱LQIP New setting LQIP Excludes.
🌱LQIP Added a Clear LQIP Queue button.
🌱CCSS Added a Clear CCSS Queue button.
CCSS Fixed an issue which wrongly included preloaded images in CCSS. (@pixtweaks)
Network Primary site and subsite settings now display correctly.
Page Optimize Noscript tags generated by LSCWP will only be dropped when the corresponding option is enabled. (@ankit)
DB Optimize Fixed database optimizer conflicts w/ object cache transient setting. (#752931)
3rd Fixed an issue with WooCommerce product purge when order is placed.
3rd Improved WooCommerce product comment compatibility with WooCommerce Photo Reviews Premium plugin when using ESI.
CDN Fixed Remote jQuery compatibility with WordPress v5.5. (@pixtweaks)
API New API litespeed_purge_all_object and litespeed_purged_all_object action hooks.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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